Medium Howdens Shaker Fitted Kitchen

Project Details

This 90s built home still had the original kitchen in.

We removed the kitchen, dropped the ceiling, re-wired, altered the plumbing including the main water supply and re-plastered throughout. The new kitchen was fitted within the prescribed timescale, and additional flooring was laid throughout the whole of the ground floor of the house. A complete transformation. A dated kitchen, replaced by a modern cottage feel with modern appliances.

  • Solid oak worktops
  • Belfast Sink
  • Kitchen: Howdens – Fairford Graphite

Justin and his team have just worked their magic on my very dated kitchen, on budget and on time. Justin planned everything from the start and arranged and coordinated all of the tradesmen. We just sat back and watched it all unfold. You hear so many tales of major projects like this going wrong or being carried out by incompetent “tradesmen” and naturally when you are paying for a quality kitchen you are anxious to ensure you get that quality kitchen. Justin is a master of his trade, a wizard with wood and an all round nice guy with a refreshing ‘can do’ mentality. Unlike a lot of tradesmen, he actually did his own quality checks on materials supplied, rejecting those that he wasn’t happy with. A lot of builders would just bodge it and hope you don’t notice. He was happy incorporating any ‘on the hoof’ changes we made to the design and even advised us on better ways to do stuff. As a mark of the man, even though it was none of his responsibility, when the delivery driver of a national electrical white goods retailer point blank refused to install what they’d agreed to (and been paid to) install (with a side order of rudeness thrown in), Justin stepped in and fitted the item himself. No mean feat involving the complex removal of the item’s doors and refitting them. Without this we’d have been in real difficulty moving and installing something that weighed over 150 kilos. This is just one example of Justin’s goodwill and desire to give customer satisfaction and deliver a perfect, transformative, kitchen which adds massive value to your home. He turns up when he says he will and is always on time. If you’re in the market for a hassle-free solution, and a kitchen you’ll get a buzz out of showing off to your neighbours, Justin Brown is your man. In fact, I’ll go further and say you’d be daft to risk it going anywhere else.
His singing is however, atrocious

Mr & Mrs Harland

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